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Real will start defending the Champions League against “Ronald” Sporting

Real Madrid on Wednesday begins the championship triumph in the Champions League. In the opening match of the group F, he is welcomed by Sporting in Lisbon, where professional career star Cristiano Ronaldo’s “White Ballet” started off. Portugal’s gunner worked in Sporting between 1997 and 2003 before moving to Manchester United. “It will be an extraordinary match against the extraordinary team and I wished to get Sporting again, having a great coach and coach and it will be another beautiful moment in my life,” said Ronaldo for

The captain of this year’s European champions has recently recovered from a knee injury and on Saturday he helped a goal to a 5-2 win over Pamplona.He believes that Real can first defend victory in the modern history of the Champions League. “It’s a big challenge, but I think we have a chance. It’s a really hard competition, but first we have to think of a group that’s hard enough,” Ronaldo said.

the second duo of the F group, Legia Warsaw, will be introduced to the Champions League as the first Polish representative after 20 years. However, the home match against Dortmund can not hit the Czech defender Legie Adam Hloušek, who sucks for his exclusion in the 4th round with Dundalk.

The English champion Leicester in Bruges will be premiered in an elite competition. “We do not want to be in the Champions League for the first time and for the last time, we want to show everyone what we can do It would be foolish to say that we can not win this competition.They also said that it was not possible to get an English title, and it was done, “said Danny Drinkwater, midfielder, while Porto will welcome Copenhagen in Group G, where Jablonka’s former midfielder and the Slovakian Ján Greguš have been working since. 

Juventus in Group H hosts the winner of the last three leagues of the Seville European League, “The Old Lady” did not play seven times in the cups at home in the cups. “I think we are at the leading European grand clubs. Last season, we missed just a few seconds to knock out Bayern. With the right approach we can go far, “said Juventus striker Paulo Dybala.Dinamo Zagreb wants Lyon to be revenged on his pitch for a 1: 7 home match against his last mutual match in December 2011. CSKA Moscow hopes he will improve against Leverkusen in an unfavorable balance in Germany, losing five matches so far. In the second match of the E Tottenham Group, he will welcome Monaco in Wembley because his White Hart Lane stadium is being refurbished.

UEFA will elect a president, with Van Praag and Chef

UEFA’s European Football Union will elect a new president on Wednesday after Michel Platini, who has been banned from football for bans on corruption and resigned in May. At the extraordinary congress in Athens, the presidency of the Slovenian union, Aleksander Ceferin and UEFA vice president and Dutch football head Michael van Praag, will be vacant.

Originally wanted to fight the presidential post by Spain’s Ángel María Villar, but he did not get the necessary support and withdraw the candidacy. Thus, delegates from 55 Member States will choose from two options.

The Football Association of the Czech Republic has yet to be Bet365 bonus clear who will vote.Miroslav Pelta, the chairman, will only decide after consulting with neighboring countries. “We always evaluate it just before the congress, when we meet in our Visegrad Four with the Poles, the Hungarians and the Austrians.We try to solve these issues in a unitary block similar to the Northerners,” Pelta said. / p>

According to him, European football will not rush, no matter if he chooses any of the candidates. “Michal van Praag is the former president of Ajax and the head of the Dutch Association, he has a great international reputation, although he is a lawyer from a small country, but he has done a great job”, Pelta said.  When choosing, the situation around European grand clubs that threatened to create their own closed competition could also play a role.UEFA has therefore promised more seats in the Champions League of the strongest leagues, which both criticized. On the other hand, it will also have to satisfy the smaller leagues.

“We want the small country to preserve the current structure, but it is unsustainable. We must fight to have the greatest possible opportunity to join the Champions League, but also to give UEFA more money to the European League, which is more of a concern to our teams, “Pelta said.

Before the congression, the 41-year-old lawyer of Čeferin, the sporting world began to engage only in 2005 as a member of the executive committee of the Lesna Litija Futsal Club.For his part, he has gained a number of smaller countries. “There has to be a lot of change, a new wind wants,” said.

According to some media, up to 40 associations are decided. It also has support from Russia, which controls the Eastern Bloc, and allegedly from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Experienced Van Praag should support the great powers. Officially, England has already built it. An 80-year-old lawmaker last year also wanted to run for FIFA president’s post but then withdrew his candidacy.

Michel Platini, who was granted permission from the FIFA Ethics Commission, despite a four-year suspension due to the unclear income of two million Swiss francs from the former boss FIFA Seppa Blattera.

Congress starts Wednesday at 10:00.

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The Bundesliga weekend as a substitute

The second Bundesliga round brought twenty-five goals, which was shared by twenty shooters. An unusual relationship between them was played by players who did not play until the game. A great number of happy decisions by bundesliga trainers during the weekend duels captured Eurosport commentator Radoslav Vagask. Every coach expects the substitute he sends to the match to realize his ideas and to affect the course of the match less clearly. Roger Schmidt, Norbert Meier, Ralph Hasenhüttl, Julian Nagelsmann, and others have made great choices. Of the twenty-five goals, eleven had eight substitutes. And it was not just a correction of the results.Up to eight of the “lakers” were able to see the spectators in the direct transfers of Eurosport, and we are going to go not only in their footsteps.

So crucially in terms of point gain of their team did not go goals Joshua Kimmich (Bayern) he scored the first goal of his Bundesliga career when he routinely finished the solo on goalie Fährmann, and Juliana Schieber (Hertha), who also scored in the second match of the season after coming from the bench.

Also, the goal of Nils Petersen (Freiburg) increased the lead by two goals (3: 1), but the benefit of the Schwarzwald Forest cannonman also relied on a winning goal, favoring Mönchengladbach two-goal Maximilian Philipp.Nils Petersen needed only seven ball points for the statistics.

A significant benefit for Hessen’s derby was the decision of coach Norbert Meier in the 81st minute to strengthen the defense of Sandra Sirigua, as the three-point appetite of Frankfurt was on the pitch time more tangible.What a surprise, even for the present lily fan, the famous tennis player Andrea Petkovicova, when Sirigu made his fourth and last game with a balloon balloon from the corner of the big lime with his prime goal between the elite and three points for the home. p> Joel Pohjanpalo (Leverkusen) was probably even more euphoric during Saturday afternoon, who opened the Bundesliga shooting account in the first round of the season. (By the way, when he came from the bench, Gladbach was able to score just one minute on the pitch.) Bayer coach Roger Schmidt has secretly hoped that the young Fin will show a similar bit because Leverkusen lost 15 minutes before the end surprisingly lost to Hamburg 0: 1 .Pohjanpalo not only scored a seven minute run, but at the set time with beautiful missiles he completed the hattrick (he needed three balloon touches on average for each goal) and became a hero of the bike. . There are two fresh young fifteen-million-strong reinforcements in the heavens, especially Northeast Keith, the last penultimate match against favoring Dortmund, who could not make a better impression on the Bundesliga debut. After five minutes on the pitch he got another great debutant, the 19-year-old Skot Oliver Burke, a wonderful pass that he could not be wrong with. In order to complete the track of substitutes for this goal, the young Skot sent Emil Forsberg, who also started the match on the bench.Ralph Hasenhüttl was able to euphorically rejoice in the second round with his fighters at the end of the match.

The last big story of the German weekend brought the final round of the round. Mainz had already seen her at the party. It is no wonder, another twenty minutes before the final whistle led to Hoffenheim 4: 1. It will not be surprising that a pair of alternate invaders has settled the settlement. First, Mark Uth stumbled two goals in two minutes and then beat Adam Szalai in the 84th minute.

Bundesliga once again brought beautiful football stories and stories with several unexpected outings. This weekend belonged mainly to substitutes who only confirmed the rule that the Bundesliga match is worth watching to the end.

Havel after half-goal: The whole stadium shouted to return to the gate

Bohemians 1905 defender Milan Havel flashed with an unprecedented premiere league goal. Twenty-five-year-old footballer with home team Brno (3: 0), Dušan Melicharka throws almost half of the course.

“I never imagined that I would give such a first goal, “ said Havel to journalists after Unibet the sixth round of the highest competition.

In the first half-time setting, Melichárek unwittingly kicked the ball, sending a long kick to the exposed goal. “The ball bounced off to me, and perhaps the whole stadium roared to get it back to the gate. I had only the idea to try and set it there.I saw that there was another defender back, that I was trying to overcome and then just pushed, “Havel described Havel.

According to him, the third goal of the match broke. I certainly think it was an important half-time goal. Result 2: 0 would be tricky and the second half we Unibet “welcome bonus” wanted to keep it. We used it with the fans, we were glad we could get them back for the first two unlucky bikes, “said a representative in the age of 21.

After changing sides he had another shot but the shotgun shot him this time. “” Maybe it would be too much.I had it on a volleyball, maybe if I hit it, the boys in the dressing room probably would not have accepted it, “joked the Bohemians. ” The first thing I heard was from Treasurer Michal Šmid, how much state. And a lot of fun, but we wish it to each other and I’m glad I could have this, especially here in Dolecek, “added Havel.

Praguers left behind the table thanks to two winnings to five points in the penultimate place in Jihlava. “It is very important that we have managed two Unibet home bikes with Jablonec and Brno now. The important thing is that we managed to play the game and I got off the bottom. Now we can play more in peace and concentrate on our game, “Havel was looking forward.

A stack of goals crowned a good start at the engagement in Pilsen

The Slovak footballer Jakub Hromad was in the seventh contest in the first time in the jersey of Pilsen. The twenty-year-old midfielder contributed the opening goal for the victory of Victory 2-1 in Liberec and crowned the good start of a new engagement in Unibet western Bohemia, where he quickly settled in his base. I’m delighted to have scored a goal, even though it’s not so important who’s going to score, especially because we’re winning, “he told reporters with a smile to the Hromada, who opened the score with a shot from behind the limbs in the 21st minute after a corner kick. / p>

“Surely one of the most beautiful goals in my career, I do not give them much, last season I gave them the most in the season, six in Slovakia.I’m not a shooter, but the assistant to my coach already told me that I should shoot, and the coach said it. It’s been going on there, which I am very pleased with. “ Viktoria, who hosts from Sampdoria Genoa, has Unibet added the summer squad.

Hromada was surprised to have missed the saddle. I got too far to the side and I thought that from that angle, from that position in the opposite position I can not hit it. But I hit it ideally. The goalkeeper did not reach it, a pretty nice goal, ” said the Hromada.

After coming to Pilsen he started fifth in the starting eleven and the third time in a row. he did not expect to get so soon in the base line. I think I caught myself.I’m doing my best to keep up with the training. I’m glad the coach gives me the confidence that I can play the game for the next few days in a row. I did not really expect that, it’s really great. ”

Pilsen after two home losses at the beginning of the season Unibet picks up the form and Sparta is only losing a point. I’m sorry we did not have two matches at home. We had a busy schedule, we played the Champions League. But I think today’s victory will greatly help us, even if it was beaten, we have drawn from the maximum. We went to the front of the table, “said Hromada.

By the second half of today’s match due to a slight injury, he was not replaced and replaced by Albanian representative Ergys Kace.However, on Thursday’s introductory duel of the basic group of the European League with AS Rome, he should be fine. “I got a card, we did not Unibet want to take the risk, it was better to go down halfway, but by Thursday I believe I will be fine,” said the native of Kosice.

Fabian, after three years of troubles with injuries, helped Sparta’s turn

In the shadow of Tomáš Rosický and Václav Kadlec, the League on Saturday celebrated a big return to Letná. After a long three-year hip injury, Tomáš Fabián appeared in Junior Boleslav. On his 27th birthday, he was given the perfect gift. There were days when he Unibet did not believe in returning to the lawn.

“We already had the black thoughts that I did not look back to the league, and I finally managed to make it to my birthday. we were a point on Sparta, we could even win, so super, “ was rejoicing after the Fabian match.

Previously, he appeared in the league for the last Unibet time in the tenth round of the 2013/14 season. At that time, he started the season after another long-term injury, but he only lasted nine matches on the lawn and again had to go to the marod.I had three years to go.

“I had both hips operated for one year until I got back in the second year and a half, then I got an ankle operated, I had a mononucleosis I’m hoping to avoid it now. “

It is also inspiring by his opponent Tomáš Rosický, who has also Unibet more marodil than he played in the past three years . “I do not know if I can compare myself to Tomas in terms of football, but I can take inspiration from the character after returning to the field after a health problem,” he admitted.

games returned on the very day of their birthday, it was more coincidental. “The coach did not even know about it.I tried to get in shape, we had a good training, we went a couple of times, so the coach now put me there. Maybe it did, “said Fabian.

And according to coach Leoš Kalvoda, he really did it. ” Fabian I liked it a lot. He gave good performance. At the beginning of the break, I was determined to give him a chance, “said Mlada Boleslav, coach.” It is true that I already felt the hints in the week. Today it culminated in how much people came to the match for Tomáš Rosický and Vasko Kadlec. We were in Unibet euphoria and I’m glad I could play. But I was expecting because I did not play for a long time. But now I’m back, at least I hope, “added Fabian, who had two children during the injury.

Unibet bonus – initial bonus for new players

unibet bonus Each new user of the Unibet bookmaker can count on a very attractive welcome bonus, one of the best bonuses currently available in the betting world. The method how the Unibet bonus works is very simple. You put your first bet. If it turns out to be a win, you should be happy. You have outplayed the bookmaker and you can order immediately a withdrawal. On the other hand, if you lose your first bet, then the Unibet bookmaker will refund the money you have bet in full. This is the so-called Unibet “cashback” bonus.

However, money won in subsequent bets can only be withdrawn under certain conditions. Namely, you must bet the amount you have received as a bonus six times with odds not lower than 1.40. Compared to terms offered by other bookmakers, these are very favourable conditions. More than once, I have seen a condition requiring to invest the bonus 12 times. It seems to be a bit too much.
How to get the bonus?

Unibet 100% bonus – registration

– Register at the Unibet website here.
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It is important that you can put your first bet using both pre-match and live odds.

Our opinion about the Unibet bonus: attractive, transparent and offering good conditions. The excellent conditions of investing “bonus” money – only 6 x @ 1.40 – should be considered a great advantage.

Therefore, the only thing left to be done is to encourage you to use the Unibet bonus and to wish you frequent cash withdrawals.

Unibet – cash deposits and withdrawals

unibet payment The Unibet bookmaker’s offer is so designed to allow every player, regardless of the country in which they are staying, to find the safest and most convenient way to deposit and withdraw money. Thus, you can make deposits using credit and debit cards. However, you should always keep in mind that when you make a deposit using a credit card, any withdrawal of funds can only be credited to the card with which you have made the deposit. There are no exceptions to that rule.

Apart from credit cards, another most convenient way to deposit money with and withdraw money from Unibet is to use online wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. It is not only the fastest deposit option by far but, what is equally important, the fastest way to receive the money you have won in your account. It is rarely the case that a withdrawal order is not executed within a few hours. On more than one occasion, the money will be in your account within literally a few minutes. After testing many online bookmakers, it is safe to say that in terms of cash withdrawals, Unibet is in the lead.

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Of course, you can also use quick bank transfers and traditional transfers. However, a payment to a bank account is usually made within 2 to 3 business days. This is connected with the fact that deposits are handled by bank intermediaries. And, as we know, banks always have time.

Perhaps the issue whether money is transferred a few minutes earlier or later is not most important. The bottom line is that Unibet is an absolutely reliable company, and when you deposit your money with it, you can rest completely reassured that both the money and the link used to carry out the transaction are safe and secure. Unibet has all possible security certificates. And it surely cannot be claimed that Unibet is an unreliable bookmaker. If you win any money you can be absolutely sure that it will be in your account by the deadline provided for a given method of payment.

Unibet Mobile – Unibet betting in your phone

unibet mobil The Unibet bookmaker offers its users an opportunity to put bets via any available mobile device. Users of all types of smartphones, regardless of their operating system, are able to both bet and watch live matches. The entire offer of Unibet TV is also available on mobile devices. You just need to open the site’s mobile version – – and both the page content and the offer will automatically adapt to your operating system. This is a very convenient solution because, unlike with some other online bookmakers, there is no need to download a special application. Everything is done automatically and in a completely stress-free way.

Unfortunately, at present, Unibet does not have any additional bonus offers for mobile players, but the betting offer for mobile players is so wide that it fully compensates for the lack of additional promotions.

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Via your smartphone, you can also log into the casino, and I guarantee that the Unibet Casino is the best and fastest operating casino in the world.

Unibet’s mobile interface may not be very intuitive, but it’s understandable with such a rich offer of live broadcasts. Not everything can be squeezed into the screen so as to reach the information needed with a single click. Despite this fact, compared to mobile apps of other bookmakers, I place Unibet in the top five.

If you have any problems with running Unibet’s mobile version, you should contact technical support. All the problems will be solved within a dozen or so minutes. And the technical support is another great advantage of the Unibet bookmaker.