UEFA will elect a president, with Van Praag and Chef

UEFA’s European Football Union will elect a new president on Wednesday after Michel Platini, who has been banned from football for bans on corruption and resigned in May. At the extraordinary congress in Athens, the presidency of the Slovenian union, Aleksander Ceferin and UEFA vice president and Dutch football head Michael van Praag, will be vacant.

Originally wanted to fight the presidential post by Spain’s Ángel María Villar, but he did not get the necessary support and withdraw the candidacy. Thus, delegates from 55 Member States will choose from two options.

The Football Association of the Czech Republic has yet to be Bet365 bonus clear who will vote.Miroslav Pelta, the chairman, will only decide after consulting with neighboring countries. “We always evaluate it just before the congress, when we meet in our Visegrad Four with the Poles, the Hungarians and the Austrians.We try to solve these issues in a unitary block similar to the Northerners,” Pelta said. / p>

According to him, European football will not rush, no matter if he chooses any of the candidates. “Michal van Praag is the former president of Ajax and the head of the Dutch Association, he has a great international reputation, although he is a lawyer from a small country, but he has done a great job”, Pelta said.  When choosing, the situation around European grand clubs that threatened to create their own closed competition could also play a role.UEFA has therefore promised more seats in the Champions League of the strongest leagues, which both criticized. On the other hand, it will also have to satisfy the smaller leagues.

“We want the small country to preserve the current structure, but it is unsustainable. We must fight to have the greatest possible opportunity to join the Champions League, but also to give UEFA more money to the European League, which is more of a concern to our teams, “Pelta said.

Before the congression, the 41-year-old lawyer of Čeferin, the sporting world began to engage only in 2005 as a member of the executive committee of the Lesna Litija Futsal Club.For his part, he has gained a number of smaller countries. “There has to be a lot of change, a new wind wants,” said.

According to some media, up to 40 associations are decided. It also has support from Russia, which controls the Eastern Bloc, and allegedly from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Experienced Van Praag should support the great powers. Officially, England has already built it. An 80-year-old lawmaker last year also wanted to run for FIFA president’s post but then withdrew his candidacy.

Michel Platini, who was granted permission from the FIFA Ethics Commission, despite a four-year suspension due to the unclear income of two million Swiss francs from the former boss FIFA Seppa Blattera.

Congress starts Wednesday at 10:00.

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