A stack of goals crowned a good start at the engagement in Pilsen

The Slovak footballer Jakub Hromad was in the seventh contest in the first time in the jersey of Pilsen. The twenty-year-old midfielder contributed the opening goal for the victory of Victory 2-1 in Liberec and crowned the good start of a new engagement in Unibet western Bohemia, where he quickly settled in his base. I’m delighted to have scored a goal, even though it’s not so important who’s going to score, especially because we’re winning, “he told reporters with a smile to the Hromada, who opened the score with a shot from behind the limbs in the 21st minute after a corner kick. / p>

“Surely one of the most beautiful goals in my career, I do not give them much, last season I gave them the most in the season, six in Slovakia.I’m not a shooter, but the assistant to my coach already told me that I should shoot, and the coach said it. It’s been going on there, which I am very pleased with. “ Viktoria, who hosts from Sampdoria Genoa, has Unibet added the summer squad.

Hromada was surprised to have missed the saddle. I got too far to the side and I thought that from that angle, from that position in the opposite position I can not hit it. But I hit it ideally. The goalkeeper did not reach it, a pretty nice goal, ” said the Hromada.

After coming to Pilsen he started fifth in the starting eleven and the third time in a row. he did not expect to get so soon in the base line. I think I caught myself.I’m doing my best to keep up with the training. I’m glad the coach gives me the confidence that I can play the game for the next few days in a row. I did not really expect that, it’s really great. ”

Pilsen after two home losses at the beginning of the season Unibet picks up the form and Sparta is only losing a point. I’m sorry we did not have two matches at home. We had a busy schedule, we played the Champions League. But I think today’s victory will greatly help us, even if it was beaten, we have drawn from the maximum. We went to the front of the table, “said Hromada.

By the second half of today’s match due to a slight injury, he was not replaced and replaced by Albanian representative Ergys Kace.However, on Thursday’s introductory duel of the basic group of the European League with AS Rome, he should be fine. “I got a card, we did not Unibet want to take the risk, it was better to go down halfway, but by Thursday I believe I will be fine,” said the native of Kosice.