It is not easy at all to choose a bookmaker that will become your primary place for sports betting. The bookmaker reliability, technical assistance and the procedure for money payment and withdrawal are equally important as the amount of odds and the range of matches offered. You have to be fully aware that you entrust your money to a company which is located far away from your place of residence and, at the same time, you must be sure that your money is safe and you are in no danger of any unpleasant surprises.

That is why I have chosen Bet365. Because I’m a quite distrustful person, before I decided to pay a larger amount, I had tested everything in person, and I would be happy to share my experience with you. So, one by one.

The registration itself was quick and without any problems. Once I entered my personal details and e-mail address, an account was immediately created. I only had to enter the code sent to my mailbox and everything was ready. As a new player, I was entitled to the so-called “welcome bonus”.

Then I just had to pay some money in. From all available deposit options, I chose a credit card. But there are so many options that everyone will find something that suits them best. After 2 minutes, I already had the money in my Bet365 account. I could make my first bets. Personally, I’m most interested in football and hockey, but – out of curiosity – I also checked the offer of other sports. And I will say only one word – huge. I had never thought that Bet365 could offer so much. I had no idea that some sports can be bet on at all until I saw it at Bet365. However, I stayed with my beloved football. And I do not regret it.

The Champions League was playing just on those days and I managed to win a few bets. The offer was simply gigantic. I could bet on the number of goals, corners, yellow cards, throws-in, absolutely everything. Another pleasant surprise. In a word – it worked out. I won a little money.
Then I was able to test withdrawing money from Bet365 account. I was a bit uncertain about this operation. On the Internet, I had read about dishonest bookmakers, with whom any withdrawal of money drags on endlessly. That is why I ordered my first pay-out at Bet365 with some anxiety. It wasn’t a surprise for me when I was asked to send scans of my identity card and prove my address. Such a procedure is absolutely necessary and only attests to a reliable approach to matters relating to security. I sent the required scans and waited for further events. And there was another pleasant surprise. On the following day, the money already was in my account. I was really pleasantly surprised by this fact and from that moment, I knew one thing – Bet365 is my place for sports betting.
To sum up, in my opinion, the biggest advantages of Bet365 are:

– absolutely the best panel for placing live bets
– a very large offer of sports bets
– an excellent welcome offer
– quick withdrawals of money

Are there any disadvantages? Probably yes. Like the interface you need to “learn”. But with such a large number of sports meetings, it is inevitable. Another one can be that the page “loading” is sometimes quite slow. But are these things really so important?