Cordula does not have to apologize for Berbrovi’s and Damková’s remarks

Former judge Antonin Kordula is not to apologize for his statements in the media to the address of the Vice-President of the Football Association of the Czech Republic (FAČR) Romana Berbra and the former chiefs of the panel of judges Dagmar Damková. The District Court of Hodonin today dismissed Berbra and Damk’s actions. Kordula, according to the lawsuit in some media, suggested that the judge did not actually deal with Damková, but her partner Berbr, who had no competence. The judgment is not final, the plaintiff wants to file a lawsuit.

According to the court, Kordula appeared in the media for himself, his performance was cultivated and was not insulting, it was not a violent campaign. As self-deputy Olga Houzvičková has said, we should be grateful for criticism, especially if it is cultivated.As she added, Berb’s rhetoric was not material, but partly power and power. The judges could be perceived as offensive and also intervened in areas that did not belong to him. Berbr wanted to give the impression that he has a considerable influence on the judge.

The court has heard a number of former and current judges in the dispute. Some witnesses spoke about the humiliation of judges and verbal attacks from the Berber side at the judges’ seminars, where the deputy chairman of the association was not supposed to ride at all. This is how the former judge Libor Kovařík and Tomáš Kovařík expressed their opinion.Both are with Berber and Damkova in a similar case.

They talked about other things. The fourth referee, according to Tomáš Kovařík’s testimony, had to wear a cell phone for the matches, so that in the event of a stadium incident, Berbr could decide whether to continue the game. This is also considered by the judge to be proven. They all had to sign a petition to support Damak, because they were afraid to be eliminated from the list of judges. According to Libor Kovařík, the prosecutor urged the judges to report. About the Moravians, Berbr and Damková spoke as Asians.

For Berbra, the chairman of the FAČR, Miroslav Pelta, stood before the court. He said that Berbr attended seminars with his commission, and that he had never heard from anyone that there was anything wrong.According to former league referee and current sports director FK Příbram Michal Paták, Kordul still hurts and Berbr said he said at the seminar that due to his medical condition his colleagues ceased to be annoyed by the referees. Similarly, the South Bohemian judge, Jan Jilek, also said.

According to the lawsuit, it was undisputed that Kordula’s statements either spoke or joined or publicly declared their truthfulness. But the seminars were different than Kordula’s.According to the lawyer of the plaintiff, Berbr only attended the main seminars “and did not go there just as he went to work, but always with the chair of the chairman.”

The plaintiff wants to file an appeal. “I am convinced of the merits of the action, with the decision and with the justification of the Doctor, with all due respect to the court, I do not agree with it either by fact or by the evidence, and it does not even correspond to the case-law that she mentioned” Jana Gavlasová told the journalists.

According to the defendant, the defendant spoke true information, attended seminars and could make a judgment.He did not choose any expressive or vulgar words, and Kordul’s criticism towards Berbrova and Damk in the final speech was reasonable.

Berbr s Damkouvou is also in the media with other people because of the statements in the media. After Libor Kovařík, who started the affair, they demand 800,000 CZK and an apology. Kovařík first appeared in August last year with charges of Berber’s alleged Mafia practices. Finally, some other judges joined. After another critic, former representative of Ladislav Visek, Berbr and Damková want 100,000 CZK and an apology, after Tomáš Kovařík asks for an apology.The Prague court has already dealt with this lawsuit in early May and has decided in favor of Berbra with Damkova, but Kovařík has appealed.

Berba and Damkova were then arrested by elite Czech judge Pavel Královec and Jan Jílek who refused Deputy Chairman of the Judicial Association humiliated or intimidated.