Fabian, after three years of troubles with injuries, helped Sparta’s turn

In the shadow of Tomáš Rosický and Václav Kadlec, the League on Saturday celebrated a big return to Letná. After a long three-year hip injury, Tomáš Fabián appeared in Junior Boleslav. On his 27th birthday, he was given the perfect gift. There were days when he Unibet did not believe in returning to the lawn.

“We already had the black thoughts that I did not look back to the league, and I finally managed to make it to my birthday. we were a point on Sparta, we could even win, so super, “ was rejoicing after the Fabian match.

Previously, he appeared in the league for the last Unibet time in the tenth round of the 2013/14 season. At that time, he started the season after another long-term injury, but he only lasted nine matches on the lawn and again had to go to the marod.I had three years to go.

“I had both hips operated for one year until I got back in the second year and a half, then I got an ankle operated, I had a mononucleosis I’m hoping to avoid it now. “

It is also inspiring by his opponent Tomáš Rosický, who has also Unibet more marodil than he played in the past three years . “I do not know if I can compare myself to Tomas in terms of football, but I can take inspiration from the character after returning to the field after a health problem,” he admitted.

games returned on the very day of their birthday, it was more coincidental. “The coach did not even know about it.I tried to get in shape, we had a good training, we went a couple of times, so the coach now put me there. Maybe it did, “said Fabian.

And according to coach Leoš Kalvoda, he really did it. ” Fabian I liked it a lot. He gave good performance. At the beginning of the break, I was determined to give him a chance, “said Mlada Boleslav, coach.” It is true that I already felt the hints in the week. Today it culminated in how much people came to the match for Tomáš Rosický and Vasko Kadlec. We were in Unibet euphoria and I’m glad I could play. But I was expecting because I did not play for a long time. But now I’m back, at least I hope, “added Fabian, who had two children during the injury.