Havel after half-goal: The whole stadium shouted to return to the gate

Bohemians 1905 defender Milan Havel flashed with an unprecedented premiere league goal. Twenty-five-year-old footballer with home team Brno (3: 0), Dušan Melicharka throws almost half of the course.

“I never imagined that I would give such a first goal, “ said Havel to journalists after Unibet the sixth round of the highest competition.

In the first half-time setting, Melichárek unwittingly kicked the ball, sending a long kick to the exposed goal. “The ball bounced off to me, and perhaps the whole stadium roared to get it back to the gate. I had only the idea to try and set it there.I saw that there was another defender back, that I was trying to overcome and then just pushed, “Havel described Havel.

According to him, the third goal of the match broke. I certainly think it was an important half-time goal. Result 2: 0 would be tricky and the second half we Unibet “welcome bonus” wanted to keep it. We used it with the fans, we were glad we could get them back for the first two unlucky bikes, “said a representative in the age of 21.

After changing sides he had another shot but the shotgun shot him this time. “” Maybe it would be too much.I had it on a volleyball, maybe if I hit it, the boys in the dressing room probably would not have accepted it, “joked the Bohemians. ” The first thing I heard was from Treasurer Michal Šmid, how much state. And a lot of fun, but we wish it to each other and I’m glad I could have this, especially here in Dolecek, “added Havel.

Praguers left behind the table thanks to two winnings to five points in the penultimate place in Jihlava. “It is very important that we have managed two Unibet home bikes with Jablonec and Brno now. The important thing is that we managed to play the game and I got off the bottom. Now we can play more in peace and concentrate on our game, “Havel was looking forward.