In the North American zone, it probably reviews the MS qualification format

The World Championship Qualification System has recently changed with regard to Russia 2018 in Asia and is now seriously considering such a step in a zone that includes North and Central America and the Caribbean. According to CONCACAF President Victor Montagliani, the current format is “obsolete,” while the new one should aim for a longer life of more teams…

At that time, the world championship is less than two years old and a chance to fly to Russia while out of 35 aspirants, only six manquets are fighting.This is what Montagliani did not want to do for a full six-year job, he wanted to address in the first place.

“Something must change because you can not have 85% “

The current format is in force since the 1998 World Cup and the first rounds are played by the home-away retirement system. When there are a dozen representations, there will be three groups of four, of which only the top six will advance to the final round.

Currently this six is ​​formed by USA, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and Trinidad and Tobago three automatic tickets for the world’s best bet.Other representations have no place to move because of lack of match practice – which was precisely the cause of the recent change in Asia, where they are now premiered with a new format.

“Caribbean countries have trouble moving the ladder FIFA because we are not able to play as many international matches as we want, “recently criticized the president of the Suriname Football Federation, John Krishnadath, while at the same time highlighting the high cost of each trip to an outdoor match.

Suriname for the unlikely participation in the World Championship officially ended in June 2015, in the second qualifying round. The first seven teams found themselves without a chance three months earlier.It is so long ago that CONCACAF has managed to turn the line twice since then.

“Can you imagine that you are a country aspiring to a new sponsor, they say ‘Sure, we are for when your another big fight, “and it’s over three years?” The Montagliani question. “It is possible that the European format or the South American one that reminds the league – or the hybrid of both,” outlines its preference.