The Bundesliga weekend as a substitute

The second Bundesliga round brought twenty-five goals, which was shared by twenty shooters. An unusual relationship between them was played by players who did not play until the game. A great number of happy decisions by bundesliga trainers during the weekend duels captured Eurosport commentator Radoslav Vagask. Every coach expects the substitute he sends to the match to realize his ideas and to affect the course of the match less clearly. Roger Schmidt, Norbert Meier, Ralph Hasenhüttl, Julian Nagelsmann, and others have made great choices. Of the twenty-five goals, eleven had eight substitutes. And it was not just a correction of the results.Up to eight of the “lakers” were able to see the spectators in the direct transfers of Eurosport, and we are going to go not only in their footsteps.

So crucially in terms of point gain of their team did not go goals Joshua Kimmich (Bayern) he scored the first goal of his Bundesliga career when he routinely finished the solo on goalie Fährmann, and Juliana Schieber (Hertha), who also scored in the second match of the season after coming from the bench.

Also, the goal of Nils Petersen (Freiburg) increased the lead by two goals (3: 1), but the benefit of the Schwarzwald Forest cannonman also relied on a winning goal, favoring Mönchengladbach two-goal Maximilian Philipp.Nils Petersen needed only seven ball points for the statistics.

A significant benefit for Hessen’s derby was the decision of coach Norbert Meier in the 81st minute to strengthen the defense of Sandra Sirigua, as the three-point appetite of Frankfurt was on the pitch time more tangible.What a surprise, even for the present lily fan, the famous tennis player Andrea Petkovicova, when Sirigu made his fourth and last game with a balloon balloon from the corner of the big lime with his prime goal between the elite and three points for the home. p> Joel Pohjanpalo (Leverkusen) was probably even more euphoric during Saturday afternoon, who opened the Bundesliga shooting account in the first round of the season. (By the way, when he came from the bench, Gladbach was able to score just one minute on the pitch.) Bayer coach Roger Schmidt has secretly hoped that the young Fin will show a similar bit because Leverkusen lost 15 minutes before the end surprisingly lost to Hamburg 0: 1 .Pohjanpalo not only scored a seven minute run, but at the set time with beautiful missiles he completed the hattrick (he needed three balloon touches on average for each goal) and became a hero of the bike. . There are two fresh young fifteen-million-strong reinforcements in the heavens, especially Northeast Keith, the last penultimate match against favoring Dortmund, who could not make a better impression on the Bundesliga debut. After five minutes on the pitch he got another great debutant, the 19-year-old Skot Oliver Burke, a wonderful pass that he could not be wrong with. In order to complete the track of substitutes for this goal, the young Skot sent Emil Forsberg, who also started the match on the bench.Ralph Hasenhüttl was able to euphorically rejoice in the second round with his fighters at the end of the match.

The last big story of the German weekend brought the final round of the round. Mainz had already seen her at the party. It is no wonder, another twenty minutes before the final whistle led to Hoffenheim 4: 1. It will not be surprising that a pair of alternate invaders has settled the settlement. First, Mark Uth stumbled two goals in two minutes and then beat Adam Szalai in the 84th minute.

Bundesliga once again brought beautiful football stories and stories with several unexpected outings. This weekend belonged mainly to substitutes who only confirmed the rule that the Bundesliga match is worth watching to the end.